Friday, November 12, 2010

Life can be cruel.

Did I mention that the past week my parents have been in Australia? Yeah, and I drove them to the airport earlyyyy in the morning.

Oh, and you should also know that my sister is in Hawaii. On vacation. For practically nothing. Oh, and I had to drive her to the airport too. Funny how that works.

And I'm home. Alone. In charge of the dogs, dutifully picking up their "business" after them everyday. 

And cleaning the house. 

And going to school.

And tutoring.

And working (did I mention that? I got a job. Khol's).

And I generally think of myself as a busy person when I have hours of time to fill in by myself. So adding in a job + random tutoring (But it pays so much better than retail! and more fun!) makes me stressed out, even if I am not actually that busy. Especially compared to some of you guys. Reading your schedules makes me want to go on vacation. 

Maybe a friend will have pity on me and have me over for thanksgiving? My aunt did, but I am sure I have to work on black friday and can't drive all the way to her house.

Thanks for reading my bitter betty-ness. On the bright side, I've overcome my fear of picking up dog poo. *Except* for those couple of times I kept gagging and nearly barfed. 

She thinks she is cute or something.


  1. Hey girl! First off, cutest doggy in the world. won a giveaway! Please email me with your shipping info :)

  2. Michelle - you just went to FRANCE! It is hard to feel sorry for you :)

    And I would have you over for Thanksgiving but 1. I live in Utah and 2. I am going to Ohio for Christmas :)

  3. Ugh, I know how you feel... I got a FT job and then got a PT job on top of that and later I was like "What was I thinking?!?" So now I have to tell them I have to quit or I'll die of exhaustion.

    P.S. So jealous of your fam. I guess they don't love you as much. KIDDING! That's something my family would do to me!


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