Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Homemade Biscotti and Tea are the best

I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Biscotti and drank some Dandelion tea from my Josh Groban mug tonight : )

And Bonus Shot:

My Sister showing off her finely crafted dance hat for the summer school class she took....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gardens in the Summer...

are just the best!

(besides the bugs and heat, of course)

Mine is
at full bloom right now

I planted
-two watermelon plants (the crawly one taking over the garden plot, without producing any fruit I might add)

-Two zuchinni squash plants

-One yellow squash plant -------->
(that's the first yellow squash that's growing, but there sure
have been a lot of blooms!)

-Four tomato plants
(which did better last year in the I-look-healthy-category, but ironically I'm getting more fruit this year...)

-Two basil plants, and a few that just took to seed from last year which made me feel like I had a little bit of a green thumb.

-Some herbs like chives and cilantro and dill (the cilantro and dill were the first casualties of the season.)

-AND a plant that I forgot what it was and was just hoping it would have some sort of vegetable attatched to it so that I would know what it was.

So I found this....

Not a clue to what it was.... some sort of half vegetable half cactus?
(Incase you can't tell, there are like a million needles pointing out of that thing...)

So I called my mom over to ask her if she knew what it was, and she said it looked like a cucumber.

Ohhhhh, yeah, that's right....

next year I am SO making sure to write down and mark which plant is which

......because I also forgot what the watermelon plants were and what squash plants were which, and before the dill and cilantro died, I was on the fence about which was which until I smelled them

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't you just love...

taking the dogs to the park?

I know that they love it....
The warm summer breeze softly carrying the scent of freshly cut grass, the sound of the dogs panting as they run towards you and kids playing games nearby. This is the best part of summer.

And so is having pretty flowers around the house!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coldplay and Harry Potter Recap!

sooo I was pretty much worried about missing Harry Potter the whole time we were at the concert, but it was actually pretty good considering I don't listen to Coldplay that much.

The venue the concert was at was not really what I was expecting, my first outdoor concert and all, and we forgot to put bug spray on so all of us got bitten as soon as the sun was setting.

I tried to put some of the Voice Memo recordings from my iphone onto there, but i don't know if it will work...Nope it didn't. But just so you all know, I do have some very rough sounding recordings from the concert.

It was really cool when they were playing Haiku and shot a bunch of confetti from all around the stadium to imitate cherry blossoms in the wind.

Sorry all the quality sucked so bad on these pictures... we forgot the camera

Oh and you should all go see Harry Potter!!! It was super funny for pretty much the entire movie, and when it wasn't funny it was all action, but not the I-want-to-shoot-my-brains-out-because-of-all-the-action sort of action.

The only damper on the movie experience was not that we got the last two seats in the theater, our punishment for only coming 5 minutes before, but the tweens sitting a row behind us.
I almost yelled at them to shut up.

They were being obnoxious on purpose. they must have been. No one is that stupid for real right?

Ok, well off to study for my Humanities final (which he never went over any of the material for)

or maybe watch Shakespeare in Love?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer school is draining...

So I've been MIA because summer school has been taking up ALL of my time. All I can say is I better get A's.

One class is over this thursday and my other one is two week longer.

BUT who cares about my school?? Let's talk HARRY POTTER!!!!

(please excuse that, fangirl moment)

So tomorrow at midnight we can all FINALLY see Harry Potter after it got pushed back like a gazillion years!

And to top it off I get to see coldplay earlier that evening too!

It shall be a momentous evening.

In other news I recently watched Amadeus (spelling?) about Mozart. wayy funny, his laught got me going each time! And Wuthering Heights. some pbs version, but it was really good because it showed Healthcliff and Cathy in a better light, even though it deviated from the actual book.

and because I watched Wuthering Heights, I am of course, reading it again. SO good, but SO depressing. I switched to that from Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury. which is also soooo good. But that one is actually hard to read and understand, so if you are thinking of tackling it I would reccomend Sparknotes, unless you are just super smart unlike me.

OH! anddddd thebloggess answered my question in her askthebloggess section. I was so excited and felt super special that she actually read it and took the time to answer it. The whole entry was named after my question!
Incase you don't stalk her site or follow her twitter, the link to that specific entry can be found here.

And yes, it actually was my sister. and yes he is still crazy and stalking her. Today he wasn't in her swimming class, but last time she said he didn't swim one lap while he was in her lane, so that when she HAD to stop for a breath he would be able to tell her she was beautiful.