Favorite Posts

Okay want the best of the best posts in my opinion to get the scoop on Roses and Peaches?

Well this ought to give you an idea of who I am:

A pretty accutate summation of my personality: Wait, What?

How mahhh-tureee I am: How old am I really?

How courageous I am: Scary Times

My hometown: Folsom Prison Blues 

(don't worry, from that intro to my home town you'd think I grew up in a jail. Please don't offend my mother in that way.)

That I am always prepared: Note to self

If you want to learn about how skilled I am:

Repair skillz: Warning: This is an unpleasant topic

Gardening skillz: errrrrmm yeah

My fantasies:

(my secret fantasy, shhh!) oh em geee

What Me and Marie Antoinette have in common: It's like I'm Marie Antoinette or something

I am always totally cute when I go to bed: Lovely All Around

I could live in your movies: Mary Kate and Ashley

Future husband numero uno: P.S. I love you

duuuudeeee I highly recommend following him on twitter. His tweets keep me in stitches. Just another reason to add to an already long list of why I love him.

Future husband two and three: G Butts and Special Sauce

Buuuut this will always hold my heart:  Confession 

On a more serious note, my posts about converting to this awesome church:

The oh-so common obligatory first post:

 (I was pretty creative with the title right? I always start off on the right foot)

(Whoah! Maybe I think too many of my posts are awesome, that is a pretty hefty list!)