Saturday, October 31, 2009

PS. I Love You

Dear Josh,

I think you are the most adorable person ever. Call me anytime.

Kitchen Update # 12,395 from Josh Groban on Vimeo.

From his vblog.

PS. This may not be interesting unless you love him as much as I do.  But just imagine running your hands through those curly locks, and that scruff he wears so darn well. Those glasses don't hurt either.

PS. PS. Please don't let this obsessive post *totally* change your opinion about me (unless it makes it better, in which case please do). If you believe this is coming out of no where, then you certainly did not read my lamest first post. And now I am off to make some hot cocoa in my Josh mug.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary Times

If you've read my profile you *probably* know that I get frightened easily. Like too easily. Embarrasingly so. 

When in the same house as me, I will mildly freak out if you come into the room and I didn't hear you coming in, even if you are 5 ft away and just minding your own business. I confess that I run the 3 ft from my bathroom to my bedroom late at night, and always always turn on my bedroom light to make sure no murderers snuck in there while I was away. 

.... People take advantage of this.  It has made the problem worse. 

I react pretty much the same way as Taylor Swift when people intentionally scare me.  I got your back,  T. Swift.

and don't worry, the flinching that happens after something like this will subside... somewhat.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainbow Goodnes

I'm always up for some new baking challenge, so next time I make a cake, it'll be this: 

Rainbow Cake= Awesomeness 

I'll never settle for a simple funfetti cake again. 

Okay, *that's* a lie... funfetti is also awesome.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Orange Hot Chocolate

As I mentioned before, while at Apple Hill last week, I purchased many delicious treats!

 apple cider


chocolate caramel with a marshmallow center

So when I purchased this festive hot drink mixture at Apple Hill last weekend in honor of the upcoming spooky holiday, I was expecting something on the same level of deliciousness. Plus the bonus that I was as giddy as an 8 year-old to see it turn colors!

I assumed it was regular hot chocolate that either had hints of orange in it or just turned orange. Either way I was onboard.

So I heated up my water and soy milk, and eagerly poured the white mixture in to see it turn a brilliant creamy orange color. A sweet kinda vanilla-y scent wafted up. My first hint that this was going terribly wrong.

It tasted..... it tasted..... like  a melted orange creamsicle, heated, and diluted with water.
 *Mmmmh!* not.  Perhaps this would be better if you weren't expected at least a little cocoa in my HOT CHOCOLATE.

Not the best $1.50 I've ever spent. I'll be sticking with my swiss miss from now on, thanks.

Elaine's Give-away!!

In case you aren't following her awesome blog, Elaine from Clothed Much is having a Shabby Apple dress give away!

The link will take you to the page where she talks about the rules and the dress they are giving away!
The best part is you can enter eight times!

..... and I really really want to win because I'm obsessed with Shabby Apple, but I want anyone else reading this to have a chance to win too! Because I'm *awesome* like that. No really, I just think everyone like to win stuff right?!?

PS I really think you should check out her blog because that girl is ADORABLE.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A waste of time?

Isn't it the worst when you're all tired and a little out of it due to lack of sleep, but you don't want to take a nap because you have stuff that needs to be done? And so you keep yourself busy, yet everything you are doing is pointless?

For example, I got much less sleep than I need last night, and I have a math midterm that I desperately need to study for. Therefore I cannot afford to take a nap. Unfortunately I hate studying, like I would rather be writing an essay or doing massive amounts of homework than study, so I trick myself into going on the internet and listening to podcasts or making some food.                                                        

And so, I could in actuality be sleeping instead. Which is all I really want to do.

Guess I'll sign off and study.... you know, unless I find something else to distract me which of course will happen will not happen under any circumstances!

Update: I totally talked to my Aunt for about an hour literally like 5 minutes after posting this. *Go me!*

Our jobs

Tonight I learned something from Desperate Housewives. (I never that I'd say *that* in my lifetime.)

But seriously, one of the husbands was explaining to an older man why he lets his wife control him and the decisions around the house. He didn't resent her for her need to control, or feel that it emasculated him. Instead he saw that how she was raised, taking care of her family, caused her to constantly feel like she could lose everything at any moment. Being controlling made her feel safe. In return, her controlling him, was his job as her husband because it made her feel safe and secure.

Maybe it's a stupid thought but I just loved that he wasn't concerned about how her controlling nature affected him, but what it meant to her and why she did it. And that led him to realize that that was the best thing he could do in taking care of her and making her happy.

What a positive and loving way to look at something that so many take resentfully and with hate, don't you think?

I love when you unexpectedly learn something and it makes you feel good inside. And I hope I do my future job as well as he does.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Apple Hill

The smell of cinnamon in the air mingling with fresh pine. It doesn't get much better than that. Especially when coupled with perfect temperature weather (the kind where it is cool just walking around, but all warm when you are in the sun) and fall treats!

I finally got to go with some friends to Apple Hill, almost exactly a month after I posted about it.

And of course I got wayy too much stuff when all I ought to have gotten was apple cider. That stuff is the best.

I totally hung out with the tin man+heart, and met some wolves*, visited a pumpkin patch, met some scarecrows, and pranced around an apple orchard.

*they looked exactly like big bear-like fluffy dogs that I just wanted to hug and squeeze and baby all day

My friends are awesomely quirky.

All in all, a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Global

I love when Oprah visits other countries... like today when she visits places like Denmark, Turkey, and Dubai!

Especially when she focuses on why those places are so awesome. Makes me want to live all over the globe. Maybe someday? about someday soon? can it be really soon, that would be amazing. thanks.

PS. I know that picture is awkward, but I really liked her hair curly like that and pulled back. I would totally wear my hair like that if it was willing to do it. My hair is *so* disobedient.

PS. PS. Please help me stop eating mini reeses. They are *so* yummy. My favorite halloween candy!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

G. Butts and special sauce

Dear G. Butts*, I fell in love with your Scottish charm in P.S. I love you, and although I never saw 300 and remember not especially enjoying The Phantom of the Opera, I enjoyed The Ugly Truth. (Not entirely because it's set in my hometown of Sacramento)

The truth is, I am not a fan of your work as much as I am a fan of you. I love your accent and good-natured mannish appeal. You are the epitome of a Scottish man to me: loud, attractive, strong, musician, and energetic.

You remind me of one of my biggest hollywood crushes, Eric Bana who made my heart pound wayy more than Brad Pitt in Troy. Poor Eric, who has been in so many bad movies before and after that,  always makes me forget the bad times when I reminisce about the good times. Thankfully he  was able to use his accent in Funny People this past summer, and reminded me of why I drooled over him so many years ago.

I guess I like my men with stubble, dark hair, and an accent. Is that such a tall order to fill?!?

*Nickname courtesy of Jimmy Fallon on his show last thursday (10/15). Interview can be viewed below.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today I had another meeting with the missionaries, and it was extra special because my cousin Corinne was able to join us!

Aaaand she shared some amazing stories of how her prayers have been answered. It was really inspiring to learn the ways in which Heavenly Father responded to her. One of her stories (I hope it's ok that I'm sharing this) was that she had been praying for an opportunity to serve others. Then about a week later she had an urge to go to up to her neighbor's house, whom she didn't really know, and ask if they needed help. She didn't know why she was going over there, except that she knew she should.

It turned out that her father was dying. Corinne described how the woman's eyes welled up with tears, and was so grateful for the unexpected kindness of her neighbor.

/files/HEH Images/prayer1.jpg

Beautiful story, don't you think??  Do you have any you would like to share?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cozy and safe

I always find something calming about rain. It seems to reinvigorate my soul, and refresh my body. It reminds me how blessed I am to have a warm, dry home and it brings life to the world around me.

It's an amazing act of nature, and shows how powerful God is, and how life-giving He is. I'm reminded that we rely so much on modern technology, that if the power goes out because of a storm, it's a big deal.  Our dependence on technology, and the fact that we don't really have to know how to survive without modern conveniences is a little frightening to me.

I know I depend really heavily on having electricity to heat my water, energize my laptop, preserve my food, etc.  I have been listening to a lot of past General Conferences, and one of the talks was about learning to recognize when we are buying things because we want them, instead of need them. It made me think about what I truly need in my life, and how many of my things are superfluous and could be of better use to others.


Remember, that even if you don't like the wet weather that it's an *awesome* time to sit around a fire and spend time with your family!

Monday, October 12, 2009


are soooo delicious!

I was reminded a few weeks ago how much I love their crunch outer rim, with sweet filling on the inside.

I enjoy mine with peaches or pears, and powdered sugar (like the only thing I choose fruit over chocolate), but this picture is nicer than the ones I make.

... and I have been supplying my family with them frequently since then for breakfast/dessert.

I adore food that can be passed for both breakfast and dessert.

Do you have any favorite breakfast/desserts?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

To-Do List

or is it a wish list??

Note: Subject to alteration.

1. Live in England
2. Graduate college
3. Get married
4. Read top 100 classics
5. Have babies (preferably married first ; )
6. Dance in the rain
7. Get a job
8. Write thank-you notes
9. Get better at remembering names
10. Learn how to get through the car wash
11. Be kinder to those around me (aka less sass)
12. Keep in touch with high school friends
13. Read entire book of Mormon
14. Join a volunteer program
15. Become fluent in another language

In no particular order... What's yours??

Back to the Box for you!

Finished my sewing project!

Only after working on it for a few days, seeing it in the corner of my room for a few weeks, then on the dining room table for a week, it has finally arrived at it's final destination, my bed!

Now of course, I didn't take pictures of the near quilt-like bottom side, with mismatched buttons in uneven buttonholes. It's *much* better this way, trust me.

The important thing is it is done, and fits (somewhat).

and now the sewing machine is going back into the box, in the closet, in the office.

That baby won't be in use for awhile.

And a little thank you to my Aunt (who doesn't read this) and her family for taking me to church with you this morning!

It was lovely!
aaaand I got to wear my new shabby apple dress!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Edith Piaf

My first experience of Edith was in the movie La Vie en Rose. It's quite amazing, and if you haven't seen it, I recommend you do. She had an amazing life, so many hardships and never gave up fighting.

Though I love the movie, her music is even more amazing! I totally feel more cultured when I listen to her It's really inspiring, and makes me want to sing along really loud!

If you don't know any of her songs, my favorites are "Milord" "Rien de rien" and "Padam Padam" and I could probably name off like ten more, but those are pretty amazing.

PS. I should *probably* think of a different adjective than amazing

Friday, October 9, 2009


Warning: Kinda heavy, and not that interesting, this is me trying to work out what I am thinking about.

Faith in something is difficult. For me, it's contrary to nearly every fiber of my being, and is against all of my instincts and reactions.

Yet for some reason I have been drawn to the Church of Jesus Christ Ladder-Day Saints.

I have been meeting with missionaries over the last couple of weeks, but I still don't have faith in the existence of Heavenly Father. It's so frustrating because everything they say sounds so wonderful, and makes sense to me. Makes sense if I believed in God, that is.

I grew up not believing in anything. Once we died I knew that was it. To me, that wasn't a bad thing or a good thing- it was what it was. I wasn't curious or questioning what I believed in, but always wondered why so many people had such great faith and confidence in God, while I had no idea how to grasp exactly how they could. The idea seems so fictitious and foreign to me.

I've been pondering the existence of God for about a month now, I don't know why or how it began as I wasn't searching for any answers, had nothing in my life that driven me to question my beliefs.

Yesterday and today the missionaries have asked me if I want to set a date for a baptism, and I said no both times. I don't want to feel pressured to say yes, and I hope that all these feelings aren't just my projections of wanting to believe. Also, I tend to get obsessed and really into things, only to a month or two later, become completely not interested. And I realize that religion is much more important than some phase so I really want to make sure that *I* know in my heart that everything is true and that I don't have any doubts.

I am so all over the place that twice this week I pretty much concluded in my mind that there is no way I can believe in a God, that it just doesn't work for me. One of those moments is now, if you can't tell. I almost started crying twice in the meeting with the missionaries today. I just felt sad and overwhelmed, and like I would be letting people down if I didn't convert.

I know I shouldn't feel pressured, but I can't help wondering if I am seeking for approval from them because I admire them so much, that I am tricking myself into thinking that I believe.

Anyways, I guess I just have to think and pray about it...

and reading some scripture would probably be a good idea

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I looove baking..... unfortunately my waistline doesn't, so I always like to bake when I know I can give it to other people to enjoy. Tomorrow I am meeting some Missionaries and thought that they might like some home baked goods. So....

... today I made:

chocolate chip cookies (with part regular chocolate chips, part white chocolate chip becauseI forgot to check the ingredients before making them they are way more awesome and original that way.

Kick-Ass Molasses Cookies, don't worry I am not *that* conceited to name my recipe that, I totally took it off of vegweb. Chewy, spicy, and molasses-y goodness.

Ps. I thought Nie's Oprah feature was BEAUTIFUL! I soooo enjoyed it, and felt like I learned to appreciate everything I have a lot more! *But* that lady that visited Nie for the day kept making remarks like "Oh you were so beautiful" and "her husband still thinks she's beautiful with the scars" or something of that nature.

I mean WHAT? She is still beautiful, even more so because her scars show how much she has been through, and is a testament of how much she loves her family.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Does anyone else every feel all melancholy for no reason?

My blues were brought on by watching Gone with the Wind last night. Something about that bittersweet ending. The fact that Scarlett had just lost her best friend, child, and the love of her life, but still had an optimistic view of the future (After all, tomorrow is another day) by drawing from her strength.

For some reason the same feeling stuck with me all of today, though I'm sure the terrible math test I took didn't help, so I am trying to get rid of them by writing badly....

I don't get depressed really, but feel kind of calm and just like to be quiet and think about my life and where I am going and why. It's *probably* kinda healthy, or not. But hey that's about as optimistic as I get on any day.

What do you guys do to get rid of the blues?

PS. The sad song that makes me feel better by belting it out in the car is Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. Or Josh and Ellen's duet.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rain, rain, go away please STAY!

Everyone should make it their goal to dance in the rain at least once in their lives.

Umbrella-DancingInTheRain.gif umbrella image by Laurel_S0809

So, I get ridiculously excited when it rains. Especially if it rains really hard.

Confession: Me and my sister heard it raining and I stared out the window for a minute in pure ecstasy, then realized that it would probably end in a minute or two. Put on my shoes and a sweatshirt my totally awesome Sly-Park one from sixth grade and walked around outside with my sister until in stopped, reveling in the wonderousness of it all.

My mom remarked that we were acting as if we never saw rain before. I told her that its even more exciting when it snows.

Please snow and rain *a lot* this winter!

PS. Hope everyone is enjoying the General Conference this weekend! I know I am!!