Sunday, August 30, 2009

Touché Mac...

Ok, apparently I spoke too soon.

Macbook Pro has taken revenge for the atrocious peanut butter assaults.

As *if* peanut butter wasn't already dangerous...

Which reminds me of my friend asking me why I was eating peanut butter (back when I was vegan) because "isn't there butter in it?" Oh Sarah, your only ditzy moment will live on forever in my memory..

Today I came home and realized that I left my laptop on all night, plugged in, screen up. I tried to revive it to no avail, and ended up shutting it down by holding the power button down. It's revenge? To be determined *not* to turn back on. Yes, that's right. EVEN though it is completely charged and has no reason to be unresponsive to my attemps to awaken it, it remains shut down.

Tune in next time (wednesday for the follow-up after my genius bar appointment) to find out what happens next!

P.S. It is WAY easier to type these out on macs because it tells me when I mess up easy words, and instead of just trying various combinations, I find myself googling the word.

Oh and I denifitely started school this week.... classes are only so-so

But I feel that I do need to add that I thought I had escaped for the most part, studying the bible at school. Apparently not, as my first class is going over it for literary reasons. I am all for knowing the bible stories, since they are great stories and have been referenced to in TONS of novels, but I think think the four years of theology classes were a little bit of an overkill. Alas my plans are foiled again....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How old am I really?

So yesterday was my birthday, am officially 19 now!

It really freaked me out when I realized that this is my last teen year! I mean, where did all the time go???

My family and I went to see the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco on saturday and it was super interesting. My favorite part though would have to be the weather.

Overcast. Cool. Wind. Sprinkling.

To some that may be gloomy, to me it is super refreshing.

We also visited the Japanese Tea Garden and were able to see beautiful wedding photos being taken!

On my actual birthday I had classes all day long.
Got out of my last one at 10 pm.

My friend in that class asked me what I was doing later.

I sheepishly replied that I was just going home.....afterall I *do* have a 9 am class the next day.

...And that got me thinking. What do my tastes (via presents) say about me?

Am I really nineteen?? The evidence begs to differ.

Example 1: My slanket (sorry the picture sucks, I used my iphone and my mirror is mounted really low to the ground)

ahhh the coveted slanket. Some teens ask for new clothes, and I asked for a slanket (my sleepphones are to be ordered soon-opted for over a more trendy hat).

Example 2: My apron (better picture here)

I really like it. Like seriously, I am just wearing it all over the house. However I do feel like I should be rolling out a pie, or vacuuming in pearls and heels. Not exactly what you would wear clubbing if you know what I mean...

Example 3: Books

Not quite the hippest thing out there, but *I* still think that they are cool. I mean who doesn't want to hand with Leo Tolstoy, Sylvia Plath, James Joyce on the weekend?

Example 4: My Ring
Ok ok this isn't really a more mature (pronoune mah-toore).

Apparently my tastes are a little ahead of my time, even if I don't act older than I am.

Off to go take a quick nap! do something *really* cool!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Computer Update

So I finally got my computer back....

At first the cost to replace the keyboard was going to be $150.

The guy was super nice and said he wouldn't charge us for the service since it was an eazy peezy job. That made it$64.

Steal right??

Well they called me the next day to break the bad news to me.

Apple Store: Were you having any problems with the screen? the pixelations?

Me: Nooooo.....

Apple store: Well we discovered a problem with the computer, but since you didn't have any problems we will take care of the charge. It should take about five days because we are sending it to a different facility.

Me: ok, no problem.

Apple store: ......Did you happen to back up your computer before you brought it in?

Me: uhhhh no?

Apple store: Well there is a chance that they hard drive could be completely wiped out, but we will try to back it up here.

Me: *Thinking: Why did I just decide to organize my entire photo library a day before I brought it in??* Ok, well thank you!

Well my sister picked it up for me today....

Verdict: YES! No hard drive wiped out!

the best part? With all the repairs it ought to have been upwards of $350 but they are taking care of everything. Like I don't even have to pay for the new keyboard.

So like the credit card commercials:

Getting a new keyboard: $150
Keyboard minus service charges: $64
Fixing computer: $350
Waiting five days for your computer because they broke it: Priceless

Hmmm.... I guess when they make up those ads it sounds better......

I LOVE apple. That is why everyone should buy mac instead of PC.

Oh and because they are way more awesome anyways.
Tomorrow I am off with the family to see the King Tut exhibit in SanFran.

Hopefully I finish Atlas Shrugged by tomorrow, I have been reading it for like 12 hours a day. Which if it doesn't sound all impressive, take into consideration that I sleep for like 10 hours a night.

Man, every time I read something with a new philosophy or approach to life, I have NO idea what to think or believe. And let me tell you---this is a +1,000 page book of teey-tiny print chock full of a way to approach life.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Poor Mac

My Macbook Pro that I worked the summer before my senior year at Mervyns for has been sadly mistreated but continues to persevere on.

First offense I made against it was to drape its charger cord across my doorway because I was too lazy to move my furniture around to find a different outlet. This resulted in numerous trippings (thankfully it never yanked my computer off the desk because of the magnet in the computer) that eventually broke the main part of the charger off. I asked for a new charger for my birthday.

Second offense, at school in Seattle there was a shelf above my desk where I kept books and food. Well everything would be stable for hours and then ALL OF THE SUDDEN bam! It would become a domino effect with the books falling over and then as the grand finale the jar of peanut butter would come crashing down as I horror stricken attempted in vain to knock it off its path of destruction. Alas, I failed and it would come barreling down onto my laptop.

I lost three keys on my keyboard from this. You think I would have learned after the first time that the peanut butter was evil.

Third offense, I recently spilled water on my desk but luckily my first instinct was to pick up my computer. Still it got wet and I had to take the
battery out all night to dry as the screen kept going blue when I tried to use it after.

The Brave Little Toaster? More like The Brave Little Mac!

(Remember this movie? Reminds me of my carefree childhood)

Tomorrow I make some amends by taking it to the Mac store to see if I can repair the keyboard.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Love Really Blind?

My sister and I have been watching this new show called Dating in the Dark.

Now while I dont normally watch dating shows like that, I like that the people get to know each other purely on personalities rather than judging each other first on looks. It is really surprising how they react when they are finally revealed to each other. Mainly it is just disappointing so far.

I hope that they will have more happy endings than they have so far.

Bonne nuit!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bangs are Back...

...alive and kicking!

I have been waiting to get my bangs back basically since I decided to grow them out.

I guess that I am indecisive like that. But at least I waited a few months so that I could justify the haircut they are thinner now, so they make me look less hippy-ish than before.

My dad thinks they make me look more like my mom. That is his most favorite comparison EVER.

P.S. I totally want to go find a job in France during next summer through Bunac. Like a lot.

Who cares if you can barely tell what they are saying when you are in a city like these??

View of paris

I am even listening to French podcasts to refresh my french!

Au revoir pour le moment!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Come on Winter!

While unfortunately this is not the view from my window,

I absolutely cannot wait for winter to come again....

And this time I will be prepared. Enter, the Slanket.

Who needs the ever-popular-cult -like snuggie, when you can sport a Slanket?

Mine will be in hunter green.

Because everyone will be jealous of me. Because I can pull a Scarlett O’Hara . Because I will feel like Harry Potter. Because I will be warm.

It will be as if I am wearing a blanket that has sleeves.

Now you are probably think that I will feel set, completely ready for the mind-numbing cold temperature my house will be kept at this winter. Not so fast young grasshopper!

This... also necessary.

The Sleepphones. They are headphones that are comfy enough to sleep in.

This will become a new craze. No more earbuds falling out of your ears while doing chores around the house, no more sore ears from jamming those same earbuds in so that they stay in, all the while during cold months you can pull that sucker over your ears so they stay cozy all-night and all-day long.

With these products, you and I will not only feel warm and cozy during those winter months, but will also look totally awesome.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Days with my Father

A beautiful site filled with little tellings of this man and his last years with his father.

In between crying I found myself laughing. Highly recommend visiting it.

Reading it reminded me how much I miss all of my grandparents and family that have passed on.

I wish I could have spend more time with all of them.

discovered at Le Love


I was reading some past posts from Le Love (such a cute blog!)

and I watched this video.

Love it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is why I LOVE anthropologie...

Today in the mail was this small, indiscreet little envelope addressed to me.

I opened it and found this...

Curious yet??

Inside this delightful little package was a card from Anthropologie giving me a 15% off coupon for any day of the August for my birthday!

I think I'll use this bright and happy fabric holder for keeping my extra buttons and thread for your clothes (that never-ever get used?) .

And now I'm off to peruse the sale section of Anthropologie's site.... because I can't afford the stuff from this season