Friday, February 26, 2010

Home is where the heart is

I thought it would take me longer to call our new house home... but home is where your loved ones are right??

This week has been pretty stressful-- everyone was pretty tense-- with the move and figuring everything out, having workers constantly in and out of the house with the dog going crazy (she already scratched up part of the carpet) and we are all SUPER tired.

Hence, the lack of posts. But no worried I took some pictures of the downstairs area (No camera, so excuse the quality is of a computer-camera level)

My room! Yes... I do have doors to the back yard. The view is much better than looking onto the neighbor's roof wonderful! And much less cave-like than at our old house. 

Our downstairs living area- I'm totally going to be able to have people over more often!

View from downstairs. Guess you can't really tell, but that little grey sliver before the skyline is the lake! 

Other part of the view. So pretty at night with their twinkling lights! Plus we have a greenbelt right below our house so we don't have to look into other people's backyards when we look at the view!

My sister says she doesn't think she can live in a house less nice than this now. I said I couldn't have a house this nice (so much pressure to be careful with stuff! I have such a hard time not splashing water on the wood floor in the kitchen! I need to be able to breathe and live, y'know??)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Survived!

I made it through my reverse-root canal thing! Woohoo!

Okay, I know it's not a big deal, I'm actually surprised that I was so nervous for it because I'm generally pretty relaxed at the dentist. The only thing that made me really uncomfortable was when I knew the doctor was cutting away at my gums even though I couldn't feel it. I really wanted some distraction right then.

{Okay so I googled toothache to get a picture for the post and I saw this picture.  I recognize it from Friends... I always thought he was wearing bunny ears, not a toothache! It's totally like when I realized that the D in the Disney logo wasn't just some weird G... last year}

Besides that, every one at my house is getting a little crazy stressed for moving. We move in on MONDAY! So weird for me to think that I won't be living in my house anymore, driving up the same streets that I have seen my entire life. Can't wait to take pictures and show all of you them though!

Lots and lots of packing to do still!

PS. Saw Avatar in 3-D finally, but it hurt my eyes, I kept wanting to blink or something. So I took them off and would randomly look through them at certain points. Then I lost them half way through the movie. Cause I'm awesome like that. Actually, we never found them afterwards either.... must've been a black hole or something on my lap that I didn't notice.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend everyone!  

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mary Kate and Ashley

Dear MK & A,

Thank you for all of your wonderfully cheesy and corny movies to supply me with pre-teen entertainment. I couldn't begin to explain to you how excited I was to discover pretty much all of my favorite movies of yours on netflix instant play.

Because I have seen My Lips are Sealed so many time and Holiday in the Sun, I decided to watch Passport to Paris {that's the movie that made me want to take four years of french after all} and Winning London.

MK & A, I just want to tell you what a influential force you have been in my life. I bonded with friends over your movies and recall the awesome lines found frequently in each and every one of your movies. I think of your movies and apply them to my live pretty much as often as Little House on the Prairie, and anyone that knows me knows that those books made me who I am today.

And though I personally prefer these girls

to these girls,

I think you grew up pretty nice, and anything that you did with your lives would have been okay because of the amazingness you created as children/teens. I hope I can get my children to watch you too!

Plus your dresses are really pretty in that last picture.

I hope all of your Valentine's Day  plans went smashingly! Mine were sans date, but magical none the less because it's all about love, any kind of love right??

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Summer,

I am {more} excited for you to come this year than normal.

I am excited to get some sort of tan on my pasty skin {instead of staying inside and telling myself that my skin will love me in 20 years. I don't need to look sickly for another year}

I am excited to experience summer in a new house {can start moving in on the 22nd!}

Aaaand last but not least, I am excited to get a new swimsuit. Not normally something I look forward to, and to be honest, I am only looking forward to it if I can wear one like this:

Personally, I am very glad that more of a retro look is coming in. And I appreciate that this suit is a little longer on the bottom.

Do you guys have any favorite swimsuit styles or looking forward to anything about summer in particular??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Late or Lost?

what, what?

Jimmy Fallon, I stopped watching you because I don't have time, but I still greatly, greatly appreciate your show. Especially when you come up with stuff like this.

EXCITED for tonight's episode. Last week's premiere made me very confused, but is it a good episode when you understand everything?? I think not.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here's to crushes!

I've had many crushes over the years,
and since I am often very guarded around boys I'm pretty sure most never knew....
and while a crush is usually just that, crushing
I am in love with crushing on guys.

It just makes every day stand out a bit better,
makes everything a bit more exciting.

Fills you with hope and constant smiles (at least in the beginning)

... though it rarely comes to anything more than a few wishes and dreams, I wouldn't have it any other way. Because it can get dull when you go too long without one. Seriously

Last year for V-day I watched Titanic with my friends. This year I have no idea what I am doing (all you single ladies may know what I am talking about, unless you plan in advance I suppose) this year, but I am betting it will still be awesome.

I hope I never go long without a crush. And when I finally do meet the right guy, I plan on having a major crush on him for all of eternity.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I just love days like these

  • Watching movies {She's the Man} and laughing at the corniness and ridiculousness of it.
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies {but first eating the dough with spoons}
  • Hanging out with an old friend on a cloudy winter day.

All we need is a fire.

PS. I'm totally getting an apicoectomy or "reverse root canal" where they go in through the top of my tooth. Meaning they will flip up part of my gum to reach the root. Cute, huh?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why you never try to self-diagnose

So to make the story shorter, I have very bad reflexes. Like terrible. I tend to fall with my face because I don't react fast enough to stick my hands out in front of me.

This led me to fall face-first onto concrete when I was about 11. Chipped off half my tooth and stitched up my lip. Nothing permanent or so I thought except for the scar on my lip. Of course, there was more. Over the next few years my chipped tooth (been built back up so I don't look like a hill-billy) would ache and keep me up at night.

Finally about sophmore year I had a root canal done. Supposed to be painful?? Nah, my tooth had already died. That's right, no nerve to feel pain in it anymore. Sweet! And I got a veneer so my tooth was no longer two colors. Which was quite attractive if I do say so myself.

So imagine my surprise today when I wake up and discover my long-assumed dead tooth is aching. All. Day. Long. 

I keep my mouth shut most of the time because it helps with the pain (the cold air made it sensitive I think?) At first I thought it was just because my retainers had shifted it too much in the night or something so it was just sore. Around 3pm I realize that can't really be it anymore. 

Speed it up to about ten minutes ago to when I was examining my gums in the mirror and touch the part at the top of my gums that hit the cheek part of the mouth and it it super tender and definitely swollen. Oh great, this looks like an abscess. (I've had one before. Aren't my parents super lucky to have me as a kid??)

So I was researching because I couldn't really remember what the symptoms were (Dentist family why can't you live near me?!?!). And I was reading this about if the infection is IN your tooth versus the gums:

If the inside of your tooth is infected, you will need a root canal. Or you will need to have the tooth removed. A root canal tries to save your tooth by taking out the infected pulp. If you don't want a root canal or if you have one done and it doesn't work, the dentist may have to remove your tooth. You and your doctor can decide what is best.
Since I have already had a root canal, I am *pretty* psyched about the whole "may have to remove your tooth" part.


Pray it isn't an abscess and that the stub of my real tooth can stay in place??

Update: Gum above tooth is purple-y with pimple like symptoms of an abscess. Went to dentist this morning and he referred me to the endodontist. Another root canal is a possibility...

Monday, February 1, 2010

My bad...

Okay, so before we left for my baptism, I checked multiple times to make sure my mom brought her camera to take pictures. Then we got there, I kept getting distracted ALL night and completely forgot. Not even family pictures.

The elders took some right before with me in white, so maybe I'll ask them to send me some and I can post them when I get them??

Sorry bout that. Totally my bad. And I am totally sad that I didn't take any.

But on a happier note, everything went fantastically well! I was sooooo darn nervous all day for my talk and just in general (I don't really like having an entire room focused on me at any moment if you know what I mean). But seriously, as soon as the service started all of my anxiety went away. Like, totally gone. It was amazing.

I didn't feel nervous at all, and a few people said that I didn't even look nervous. Score! So I think it went well, people kept telling me it was good (but I think they would have even if it wasn't) and it felt genuine instead of the obligatory compliments.

It was so awesome to be able to partake of the sacrament yesterday. When it came around (I just got confirmed like ten minutes before) I had to look around and ask the girl sitting next to me if I could take it now. It was so cool, I feel like an actual member now!

And my two aunts and family got me my own set of scriptures with my name engraved on the front and everything! I told my cousin that I feel "legit" now. I love the blue and silver, and I told my aunt on sunday that my favorite part was that they wrote a little something in the front cover! She said she wasn't sure if that was okay, and so I HAD to tell her how much I loved it because it made it even more special and would remind me of that day and their being there every time I opened it up!

Thanks to all of you guys too! I love how excited you are for me, and I am sure you can tell how excited I am! You have all been such a blessing in my life and helped show me what an amazing influence the Church has been in your life and have brought a smile to my face when I read your posts!

PS. I promise one of these days I will have pictures that do not consist of me sitting in front of my computer in my room/ are not taken with my iphone.