Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Post!

I'm a fact-loving, book-loving, food obsessed, self proclaimed nerd who never has good experiences with bikes, motorized or not, and has recently come back home after two quarters away at school in Seattle. Can you believe that was the view from my room?!

So instead of going to school this quarter I am trying to read as many books as I can, get my garden all ready for the hot summer, and change my hairstyle. After many years of growing my hair out (hello freshman year!), I am once again chopping it all off. Ok not all of it, but a lot. And no more hippie bangs, which I still love after sporting them for only a year, but I feel like I need some sort of change in my life right now. 

I try to hoard my money, but recently splurged on a $400 blender with the help of my older sister : ) and have to limit the amount of time I spend on amazon since I have more books than I can read in  a year already at home. I am an incredibly messy yet slow eater who has a terrible memory and a very nervous driver. I tend to get a high pitched voice when I am stressed, excited, mad, frustrated, or just wanting to be loud. I get scared very easily and like to be taken care of. I lovee belting out disney sounds to which I only know half the words (part of the memory thing) and have a poster of josh groban over my bed, in which i sleep with my josh groban t-shirt and sip tea in my josh groban mug. It's a sickness, really.

Anyways to anyone who may happen to stumble across this, until next time!

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  1. awww you're so adorable. Okay. so I'm a new follower and it is now October 31, 2009...this is my first time reading this post.

    and if it provides any solace...i love nerds. I hope u never feel weird about it. Already I think you're pretty cool.

    Ok. thats all.


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