Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

Listening to the Beatles, I am looking out at the window at the cloudy sky. There goes my tanning plans for today, but it leaves me to edit some blog stuff. And that means its nice and cool to do some exercise in the backyard!

I know, I know, the picture behind my header is neither of roses or peaches, but they seem so happy and bring the feeling of sunshine and spring and happiness. So I'm keeping it there. For now at least. 

Right now I'm waiting for my The Complete Novels of Jane Austen Wordsworth Library Collection which is supposed to be a really nice copy.  I looove nice copies of books! It was a good price on Amazon too, I just had to wait a few months for it : )

This last weekend I cleaned out our garage and went through boxes of old books from my parents high school and college years. It's so interesting to read all the comments people left them and seeing their pictures! We really see how much we look like them and how similar we were at the same age. I hope my kids will one day love to read through my yearbooks and see all of my pictures and see how much fun my friends and I had at homecoming and annual school events!
Gosh I miss spirit week, and St. Francis day and community lunches. Even the uniforms! (I loved basically wearing pjs to school for four years.)


  1. michelle!
    So cool that you just started a blog...can't wait to read more. I love finding new ways to connect with family!

  2. Woah! I never saw your comment until right now!

    Thanks Carolyn, I'm just doing it every once and awhile, but I really like reading your blog and some others that I was following, so I just decided to start one to see how it went... I think its better if I just read others instead of writing my own lol


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