Monday, December 20, 2010

Black Swan

I just got back from Black Swan. I know many of you won't be seeing it because it is rated R, but it keeps whirling through my head and I need to talk about it.

It was much more of a psychological thriller than I was expecting, and my stomach was basically in knots the whole movie, or I would be cringing and hiding my face. Yet it was beautiful. And gross. And weird. But definitely, definitely, definitely unforgettable.

I can't decide if I love it or hate it.  I feel like there needs to be a discussion on symbols and what everything means.

But I know that Natalie Portman can act (as if I didn't know that already. Girl is GENIUS!) because half the time I was watching the movie I wanted to shake her and tell her to get herself some gumption. 

And I know Natalie Portman isn't really like that. 

PS. Isn't that like the freakiest picture ever?? I didn't even see a trailer before I saw the movie, or that picture. It might've been prudent of me to research what I was getting into....

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  1. I have same feeling than you about that movie. I dont know if I love it or not. Need time to think and discuss about it, but N.Portman is an amazing actress


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