Friday, June 12, 2009

Still here!

I haven't been on in a looong time, especially since I only did two entries...

I just felt like watching other people's than doing mine. But I am resolved to do it more often!

I tried to play my violin again today... slightly painful to hear. It would be really nice to be able to play music again though, it lets o
ut some creativity and gives a really good sense of accomplishment.

Been busy this week with summer school starting but I loooooove my teachers so far! I felt like such a dork because I was excited to write a research paper of Caesar Augustus (and no he is not Julius Caesar and he did not build Hadrian's wall, as my sister believed. It may sound crazy, but Hadrian built Hadrian's wall. Bizarre right?) 

Everyday I look forward to my english class because my teacher is so interesting that I never look at the clock during that two hour period.

Ok well off to work a bit on my humanitie
s homework, or maybe just go on twitter.  Since you know, Josh Groban has a twitter now and all I definitely keep up with that. If you want to know, my twitter name is mmannm5. follow me!

Oh and my new guilty pleasure show is Southe
rn Belles: Louisville. I finally got The Hi
lls and Gossip Girl out of my life, but I just love shows like that sometimes. I guess I just have the reality show bug!

I like this show because they are all from Kentucky and are not at all like I pictured southerners. I would apologize for being having a biased view of southerners, but the only southerners I have met were actually what I would have pictured.
Who would've thought that a show like that would broaden my viewpoint of the world??

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