Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer school is draining...

So I've been MIA because summer school has been taking up ALL of my time. All I can say is I better get A's.

One class is over this thursday and my other one is two week longer.

BUT who cares about my school?? Let's talk HARRY POTTER!!!!

(please excuse that, fangirl moment)

So tomorrow at midnight we can all FINALLY see Harry Potter after it got pushed back like a gazillion years!

And to top it off I get to see coldplay earlier that evening too!

It shall be a momentous evening.

In other news I recently watched Amadeus (spelling?) about Mozart. wayy funny, his laught got me going each time! And Wuthering Heights. some pbs version, but it was really good because it showed Healthcliff and Cathy in a better light, even though it deviated from the actual book.

and because I watched Wuthering Heights, I am of course, reading it again. SO good, but SO depressing. I switched to that from Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury. which is also soooo good. But that one is actually hard to read and understand, so if you are thinking of tackling it I would reccomend Sparknotes, unless you are just super smart unlike me.

OH! anddddd thebloggess answered my question in her askthebloggess section. I was so excited and felt super special that she actually read it and took the time to answer it. The whole entry was named after my question!
Incase you don't stalk her site or follow her twitter, the link to that specific entry can be found here.

And yes, it actually was my sister. and yes he is still crazy and stalking her. Today he wasn't in her swimming class, but last time she said he didn't swim one lap while he was in her lane, so that when she HAD to stop for a breath he would be able to tell her she was beautiful.


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