Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh hai

who has two thumbs and is going to BYU for summer term??


yup. just registered tonight. Not sure if I picked a good place to live though? Wyview apartments?

Yay or nay?
( Can I get someone to give me the low down on it??)


  1. I can ABSOLUTELY give you the low down. :) I say good choice. It's a bit more of a walk to school than Heritage or Helaman Halls, but they are nicer apartments. :) Shoot me an e-mail @ and I can give you a bunch of details! :) I worked there for two summers. I'm like a fountain of info haha!

    Congrats!! You will LOVE being there for summer! I wish I was still there... I'd take you out on the town and show you where all the cool kids play. :P

  2. No way that is so exciting!! I never lived at Wyview, but I actually live like a block away! I've visited friends who live there though, and they're probably the nicest "on campus" dorms you could choose from!

  3. I LOVE you for using the "two thumbs" joke!

  4. I loved Wyview! I lived their freshman year. But I think if you can for summer, live somewhere closer. Also, you can find something more social if you want. Call me (801)358-1352 if you want, I can let you know anything you need about housing, I have lived in a lot of places. SO excited you are coming here!!

  5. I always loved a good summer term. It felt special, as crazy as that sounds.


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