Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If the man brings home the bacon,

then the woman brings home the .... banana plant??

Yes my mother was a puddle of giggles when she was showing us the banana plant she bought.

I guess when she first saw it she asked about leaves being on the plant, but really, who needs 'em? Maybe I'm just jealous because it looks like I won't have garden at the new house... at least not this year.

Which is really too bad, I was such a superstar at getting things to grow.  Well at least I tried to sound like I was before I revealed to you all just how awesome I really was.


  1. I didnt know you could buy a banana plant!

  2. too funny.. i have a banana plant- its going to grow out of that pot fast!

  3. My sister has three plants that look similarly sad...she said, "I thought the tag said not to water them."


  4. you are TOO funny, I am replying in response to your comment, but I totally saw her blog before and said... HEY I think I have that skirt?! hahaha So yes, I think it is the same one.


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