Friday, April 30, 2010

Who Am I?

So this semester I am taking a Human Development class. It's actually more of life coaching class because I'm pretty sure the teacher spends more class time telling us how to improve ourselves and discover who we really are, more than the class material. It's pretty interesting (and I say life coaching because his main job is life coaching people).

So for our final project we are writing about who we are. Basically we talk about our personal and professional goals, significant memories in our lives, our favorite books and movies because they reflect on who we are, etc.

One of the requirements is getting ten survey/interview responses to the question "Who Am I?"

So I have people to ask, but to you, my bloggy friends, I am wondering-

  Who am I?

PS. I'd appreciate it mucho if you left a lil somethin somethin. Just a few words or so. Merci!


  1. I think I'm understand this right, that I should say who you are, not who I am :)

    You are a spunky old soul. That pretty much sums it up. And I may have just answered who you are and who I am anyway!

  2. Stumbled on your blog while searching Jay and Jack, I love Lost! I like your blog too. Your taoish musings on white were quite amusing. I thought your jewelry stand looked pretty cute though b4 too! I bet your adorable spazzy dog is like- "don't look at me beeyatch I'm already white!" And your obvious love (fetish?) for fine kitchens is also very entertaining. Thanks for those most righteous kitchen pictures, they rawked! I'm not usually immersed in that kind of thing. Your trough sink comment was hilarious dude.
    so btw, 'The Transmission' is also a great Lost podcast. May even help you like the finale more. :) Hey at least we know what happens to their souls in the forever after final end. Also, props due- 'Foxy' (ref:Hugo Garcia's podcast) gave a hella performance. And damn it, I guess I'm a romantic. The whole thing was so emotionally gratifying.
    So anyways, wow, I got sidetracked! Now I get to tell you who you are!
    First off, your pretty brave to ask the 'internets' who you are!
    But also, like who am I??
    For one thing I'm in Miami. Where the interior of my car is 190 freakin' degrees when I leave for work. Yay, back sweat!
    So anyways, based on my quick glance at your little blog I would say you are ......pretty freakin' neat! And in every sense of the word most likely.
    You are also pretty funny dude. haha

    K! Much love!



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