Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anddd I'm Off!!!

Goodbye California, hello Utah!

Dear Utah,

I hope you will not be quite so hot as CA during this time of year, though I understand you do still get hot. I was kina hoping to stay cooler, so it would be pretty awesome if you were. I can't wait to see your mountains all summer, instead of these dried out hills that I am used to seeing. Please be good to me.



  1. Just as I get here you're leaving??

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  2. EEP! :) You will have a blast!! It definitely does get hot though. It breaks 100 fairly often, but if you go up in the mountains it's usually much cooler. I'm gonna be out in Provo in late July, I'd love to meet up for lunch or something!! Just shoot me an email, and we can figure something out! :)


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