Sunday, June 27, 2010

Types of weirdos

Okay this may sound like kind of a harsh post, but really, it's just meant to be entertaining.

So as far as I can tell there are a few distinct categories of weird people. I have taken the liberty to rate their weirdness scale from 1-10, 1 being someone who you practically have a crush on (not a romantic crush, the kind where you just want to be best friends forever) and 10 is me running away because I am so uncomfortable.

1. Those who are super-duper nice, so nice that the make you feel like a horrible person for thinking they are kinda weird. Weirdness factor:5-6 You still talk to them because they are so nice and because you can still carry on a conversation without wanting to escape.

2. Those who you can't tell right away are weird, but after a few minutes you recognize them. These guys are alright, and may just make a couple odd comments that you don't quite get, or laugh at something that you didn't think was funny at all. You're friends with them at work/class, but probably won't call them to hang out. Weirdness factor: 4-5

3. Those weird people that think they are super awesome but are, in fact, weird. They are usually also kind of mean. Because they think they are awesome and think they are better than you. To each his own. Weirdness factor: Ranges a lot, but I would say their overall coolness factor goes down like 30% because they are rude. Which, sadly, puts some people in the negatives.

4. Those who recognize their weirdness and run with it. They find enjoyment out of freaking people out and pushing the limit. They are usually the ones you can spot a mile away. I like that they are comfortable with themselves and go with it. Then again, they usually make me really uncomfortable. Good for stories though. Weirdness Factor: 11?

5. Those who call themselves nerds or say they are weird, but are, in reality awesome. They are quirky but not weird, an individual but not off in their own world. Basically I want to meet these people. Weirdness factor: 1-3. Can range a little depending on how eccentric they actually are.

Note: For all the types listed, except for the meanies, their weirdness scores do not affect their overall coolness factor. Most of the times they are pretty cool. In fact I feel like most famous people throughout time have probably been in one of these categories.

Did I forget any??

PS. I don't think I am excluded from these categories... in fact I could very well freak people out all the time. Buuuut I would hope that I am not #4. I mean if I am, I totally need to start freaking people out on purpose or something.

PS.PS. This is a random post, but one of my new roommates is #3. I mean she can be nice, but I can tell she is one of those people that will be mean behind your back. We will not be becoming good friends. Which is okay, because I am sure she thinks she is way too awesome to talk to me outside of our apartment. I mean she has made out with guys all over campus. And has a list of all of those places. Doesn't that make her automatically the coolest person on campus??


  1. in high school i used to have a similar "rating scale" :) haha - so funny. and sometimes in provo you can meet a lot of "random" people.

    as for your day - oh my, i'm sorry it wasn't so great, (i clearly know the feeling!) but prayer is the best thing in the world - it reminds me of what president hinckley said, "if life gets too hard to stand, kneel"

    i hope your day today is much better :)

  2. Haha this made me laugh so hard. There are weird people everywhere, but more than normal at BYU.

    Of course I meant Michelle I don't know where Emily came from? Fridays could be fun! I can't tomorrow but I will let you know about next week. It would be so fun to meet!

  3. Whoa. The second post script is too weird for me. Those types of girls never have a lot of girlfriends...

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  4. hahahaha i am still laughing about this one! great post!

  5. Number 2 is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm always like, YOU CANNOT BE THAT NICE!!!


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