Wednesday, June 2, 2010


{Lookeee! Don't I look so blissful that I was back with my friend??}

So whenever I go on roadtrips, I am always the one in the back sleeping. I never drive, mainly because people know that I'm not the best driver.

Driving through the mountains as  we made out way to Rexburg, ID going through Salt Lake City first, I was reminded of my upcoming drive to BYU for the summer term and grew concerned of my ability to a) drive there without falling asleep b) getting lost and c) getting my car UP the mountain as it has a hard time on our local hills.

But I'm sure it'll be fine, and the video below sure made me feel better about my driving skills. When I first saw it I was in Idaho with a bunch of friends and I literally had tears streaming down my face. When I showed it to my sister, I was cracking up but it wasn't quite as funny. I hope your experience watching it is like my first time!


  1. oh gosh haha. i'm not the best driver either. especially with friends in the car! so excited for you to see BYU!

  2. I've never been to Utah or Idaho, but I hear both are beautiful and chock full of nature.

    Have a wonderful Summer semester!


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