Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hot Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sound intriguing?

Well they are veryyy good. So good I've made them twice this week.

... Coincidence that I also started exercising more?

(Just ignore the fact that it calls for TWO sticks of butter. Your stomach will thank me, but your bottom may not.)

My ever favorite Pioneer Woman makes them here (picture is also from there).

Original recipe here.

Do you guys stalk PW as much as me? I totally want to go live on the ranch with her. But only for like a week because I would eat her out of house and home. And lodge.  She has a beautiful house doesn't she? And the ranch is beautiful too.

PS. I wouldn't blame you if you tried adding a little peppermind extract into the batter. It's amazing. Even though my sister said she kind of felt like she had just brushed her teeth. I mean, it's like mint hot chocolate, yo!

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  1. Those look terrific, and yes - I love PW.

    I want to be her best friend.


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