Saturday, September 4, 2010

I kinda need to move now.

To France. Because, I mean, just look at these pictures. And we only saw/ captured a fraction of the beauty in France. More pictures later. I didn't want to burn your eyes out with all the menial pictures we took. (You know, all at once.)

Oh and blogger is cutting off the sides of my pictures because they are big. If you are so inclined, clicking on them should give you the whole image. 

Taken the night of our arrival to Paris. Our hotel was a five minute (or less) walk away.

The Chateau we stayed at in Amboise. Except we didn't stay in the actual chateau but across the way...

...Here. It was so beautiful!

This chateau was my favorite. The gardens are unbelievable. I'll post more pictures of it another time.

Have a fantastic labor day weekend!

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  1. I am SOOOO beyond jealous!!! More pictures, please! I want to go so bad.


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