Wednesday, September 8, 2010

joshyy pooo

Josh Groban has killed me with his amazingness. Again.

I have been stalking reading his Twitter for over a year about his new album, and I'm so excited that it is almost out!! (November for those who are unaware.)

Hidden Away is amazing and made my heart go pitter-patter again. *sigh* He's still got it.

You can click here and listen to and download it (for free! Cha-ching!)

Before he knew the title of his new album (Illuminations), he tweeted about it. Giggling from me ensued.

--For the non-twitter users (freaks!) you read bottom to top.

  1. True...but I don't want to jinx the whole "wanting to be alive" kick I'm on. RT @elyawhite Not Dead might work too :)

    Thanks for all the title suggestions. I think Not Retired would answer the question on most people's minds.

  3. throwing around album titles today getting the news that 4 mixes are already in the can. moving so fast now.tomorrow looking at cover shots.

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  1. Josh Groban rocks my socks off, loveee him & my hubby does too which of course helps :-)


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