Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eeeerm, yeah...

About my garden.... yeah remember when I was talking about how awesome it was? About how well it was growing and how much it was producing? Yeah, not so much.

Honestly? I was trying to be hopeful and optimistic, yet my vengeful side came out eventually. After months of patiently watering and caring for each and every plant, I watched them not produce anything, or begin to grow something, raise my hopes as I checked it each day, and my pain at seeing it yellow and shrivel.

So I stopped watering the plants (except the tomatoes and baby trees) and fed them to the insects. Alas! I checked on them a few days ago and apparently they are just playing me. I think they did it just to be *smiteful*. and yes, I just made up that word. If you weren't suspecting that, then just ignore this.

yes, TWO watermelons are now growing until they shrivel up and die OUT OF SEASON. I mean, it's supposed to grow in July and August, not mid-September.

Next year less experimenting with new plants people.

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