Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girls and Hair

Why is it that whenever us girls grow out our hair, we have the strongest urge to cut it all off?

.... and once we give in and cut it all off, we instantly want to grow out again?

Why is it that we constantly want to wear our hair differently than it is naturally? (different color, straightened or curled, etc)

...What I am really asking here is, why do I always want to switch my bangs to side bangs every few months, even though I always go back??
Example A:

Currently I am wearing my straight hair curly, and my full bangs to the side. (Please excuse the messiness of it. It's been a long day.)

PS. Do any of you have any tips for relaxing my curls in the morning (they are ones I sleep in) so that my curls look more like above, than below? Don't get me wrong, Shirley Temple *rocked* that look, *I* just can't pull it off. And it kinda sucks that it only looks alright AFTER all my classes when I am stuck in my room doing homework.


  1. I wish I could give you some tips, but my hairs super straight and will not take to any curls. My sister though, has more wavy hair and sleeps with her hair wet, and in the morning, her hair looks like she used huge curls in her hair! Give that a try maybe?

    ps, i know what you mean about wanting to cut it all off, and then wanting it all back again. right now i'm suffering with short hair and i'm dying for length again... :(

  2. Haha I love your hair with the side bangs! Also, I love that i know EXACTLY where you are sitting by your pictures! haha Gotta love Heritage. I hope you are having a blast this summer!!

  3. I know... Hair is frustrating. I really have no advice because mine is constantly out of control. But I do love your color. Don't dye it! I've dyed mine so many times and totally regret it because my hair is damaged.

    I think Friday works for me! Where would you want to meet?

  4. I'm always wanting to do something different to my hair but right now I"m waiting for it to grow out a little longer...

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  5. gahhh i totally know what you mean! what is it with us girls basing our beauty and happiness on our HAIR! i have a terrible habit of dying it every month and straightening it several times a day. anyway, you have gorgeous hair for what it's worth!! have a lovely weekend ;) xo

  6. We always want what we can't have :) I'm in the process of growing out my naturally curly but formerly chemically straightened hair so I know this thought process all too well!


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