Thursday, July 22, 2010


Okay, so you know how everyone has warm and fuzzy memories from their carefree days of childhood, roaming outside, racing down the streets on the bikes, etc, etc?

Well, now I know you guys might be shocked to hear this about me, but I had a few accidents on my bike when I was younger, despite my cat-like reflexes.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I was walking back from my class today and I realized that I cringe on the inside every time a bike passes me. Now, it's not the "oh crap I have my head phones in and didn't even hear that bike coming up behind me" reaction (Though that happens to me too) or the "What the? Hey biker, try not cutting me off next time because I just saw my life flash before my eyes" reaction either (though, this too happens to me).

I've had too many incidents with bikes (first grade I fell, blacked out, and half of my face skid across the concrete, fifth grade I fell face first, got a few stitches on my lip and gum and broke half of my front tooth which has resulted in two root canals, and a few other more minor accidents)** that anyone going at what seems fast, freaks me out, for their sake. 

Do you ever feel weirdly scared for other people when they are doing seemingly everyday stuff that freaks you out??

**I'm a totally grandma on a bike now-- last time I rode when was a couple of years ago in the Netherlands I think, on these cobbled roads by a river that was totally pretty but I was so paranoid of falling that I went about a mile an hour.  

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