Monday, January 11, 2010

Keeping Track of Time

I was one of those kids constantly asking what time it was, just so I knew the time.

I'm still like that, except now I have my phone to constantly check. Or my alarm clock, computer, or TV. I always check the time when I go to sleep and wake up for comparison to previous or upcoming days. I can't understand my sister who doesn't even have a clock in her room.

I put everything into my planner to keep track of what I need to do and what I have done. So I decided to get a cute calendar this year. In the past that I can remember, I have had a hawaiian calendar, and my personal favorite a Hello Kitty calendar.

Buuuut 2010 will be tracked by this lil' beaut called "Lose yourself in a Daydream".

2010 Calendar - Lose yourself in a daydream
2010 Calendar - Lose yourself in a daydream

Messages on the different pictures are...

you can fly
It's the simple things in life
Lie in the grass and daydream...
You soothe my soul
and everything fades away...
sail away with me
You are my shelter.
The glass is half full...
Fly away with me...
believe in the magic

Bought it from this lovely lady on Etsy after I fell in love with her photos.

PS. My friend wanted to see Youth in Revolt and I love Michael Cera so I figured I would see it. I found it revolting. A complete waste of my time and money that took some of my innocence.


  1. These calendars are SO cute! i love that they have messages on them!

  2. I love the calendar!

    And thanks for the post about the Cera movie. I was thinking about it but wasn't too sure if it was worth it.

    Belen ♥

  3. ooo cute calendar! i love it! and yeah, i like michael cera, but that was not my most favorite movie...

  4. The calendar is so cute! And Michael Cera has been in a lot of dirty stuff lately! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. i am the same exact way my time is always tracked!!

    love the calender was it home made?

  6. you are so sweet! :) i could spend hours on blogs! i am going to try catching up on your posts! you are so cute!

  7. hello! i just randomly found your blog and think it is so cute! hope you dont mind...i love it! wanna be blog friends?! hah..and cute calander...


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