Friday, January 15, 2010

I *might* have a problem...

with baking and cooking too much. The Elders teaching me probably think I'm crazy.

{This is basically me. Plus a bunch of anxiety and a lot messier.}

A few months ago I didn't make them too much, just a few types of cookies and such. I think I mentioned it here.

Now... let's see, yesterday I fed them cupcakes AT my house then sent them home with about 20 in a container. And I gave them a mushroom spinach quiche as they were about to pull away at the end of the lesson.

Today I told them not to eat lunch and made a pot pit with bisquick topping instead of in a pie shell and made them eat some apple crisp that was cooking as they talked to me. Did I mention that last night I baked a banana bread for them to take home too??

They are either getting very fat and happy, or are a little wary of my sanity baking-wise.


  1. oh i'm sure they are very happy with you! who doesnt love home cooked food!

  2. Michelle,
    I love your blog! I found you through ArizonaLewis, and I can't get enough! I am a member of the church, and I'm so excited to hear about your baptism. I truly know how happy you will be! Also, I have met many many missionaries, and I've never heard one of them say they've had TOO many delicious baked goods. :) So don't even worry!


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