Monday, January 18, 2010

Pouring outside and a pouring out of the soul

Do you ever sing to songs and feel like you are pouring out your soul? Like it isn't just you saying these words but like your soul was singing them and you felt exactly how the composer of the song felt while writing it? Like you need to keep singing this song, and it leaves you feeling like you just purged some emotion out??

I don't know if I described the feeling well, but the only two songs I have felt that with are Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler and Don't Stop Believing by Journey.

Any of you have songs that make you feel the same way?? Let me know!

PS. On another note, have any of you seen this? Made me love Josh and Ellen even more. If it is even possible for me to love Josh more.


  1. AHA, I LOVE that video, thanks for sharing!

    Doesn't Josh Grobin just melt you on the inside? :)

    I haven't been to an Ellen taping since 2005. I think I might need to go back.

    And I totally on songs that seem to describe me and my feelings at the time.

  2. The eye of tiger!!

    you're on the top of the world with that song!

  3. oh yeah. story of my life. and those two songs are amazing. sweet child of mine guns and roses.

  4. Yes! Totally know what you mean. I feel that way about Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Love that song!

  5. Don't Stop Believing by Journey - always!

  6. I love that you pour your heart out too. My song is definitely The Heart of the Matter by India Arie.

    And yes! They are getting new dresses soon!

  7. that is exactly how i feel now.


  8. Saw that Ellen episode too. I love that you love it.

    My song is Here Comes the Sun. It's not a power ballad, but the emotion purging is there. Also, U2's "One"


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