Thursday, February 4, 2010

I just love days like these

  • Watching movies {She's the Man} and laughing at the corniness and ridiculousness of it.
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies {but first eating the dough with spoons}
  • Hanging out with an old friend on a cloudy winter day.

All we need is a fire.

PS. I'm totally getting an apicoectomy or "reverse root canal" where they go in through the top of my tooth. Meaning they will flip up part of my gum to reach the root. Cute, huh?


  1. 1. i love days like that too. a lot.
    2. i am officially one of your followers!
    3. so sorry about your root canal. i have had about 14 too many of those. my dad has terribly soft genes. and somehow, we all skipped the mothers genes.
    4. you have to tell me a story to win the tea prize my love.
    5. i miss you!
    6. when is your baptism? i want to feature you.

  2. She's the Man is such a fabulous movie! I love it so much! Cookie dough is amazing, and friendship is just great!

    And fire is awesome. It makes thing so wonderful.

    Good luck with the root canal. That sucks, but I hope it goes well!

  3. These cookies are looking delicious!!!!

  4. hey! i actually found the cups at a little store here in franklin, i'm not sure, but i bet one could find them online? and also, another girl left a comment saying she found some at tjmaxx perhaps? good luck! they're so fun for a party :o)

  5. hello darling! i just wrote a little post inspired by you!!!
    loves! youre the best!


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