Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here's to crushes!

I've had many crushes over the years,
and since I am often very guarded around boys I'm pretty sure most never knew....
and while a crush is usually just that, crushing
I am in love with crushing on guys.

It just makes every day stand out a bit better,
makes everything a bit more exciting.

Fills you with hope and constant smiles (at least in the beginning)

... though it rarely comes to anything more than a few wishes and dreams, I wouldn't have it any other way. Because it can get dull when you go too long without one. Seriously

Last year for V-day I watched Titanic with my friends. This year I have no idea what I am doing (all you single ladies may know what I am talking about, unless you plan in advance I suppose) this year, but I am betting it will still be awesome.

I hope I never go long without a crush. And when I finally do meet the right guy, I plan on having a major crush on him for all of eternity.


  1. Oh, yes! Crushes are very fun!! Especially when you are meant to be together for eternity ;)

    In response to your comment aaages ago (sorry!), I go to the University of Utah. As a married woman, it's not that great. It's not as social as BYU in my opinion... I'm not trying to persuade you NOT to go to the U it's just I only know it from a married perspective. I'm sure it's great if you're single and you have a bunch of roommates, go to Institute and the singles ward and such. I hope this helped!!

  2. i LOVE having a crush on someone because like you said, it's exciting and fills you with hope!! and gives you a reason to dress up and look extra pretty every time you think you'll see him!! so fun! i wish i had a crush now!

  3. Who are you?!? I'm from Folsom! When did you graduate from high school?


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