Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why you never try to self-diagnose

So to make the story shorter, I have very bad reflexes. Like terrible. I tend to fall with my face because I don't react fast enough to stick my hands out in front of me.

This led me to fall face-first onto concrete when I was about 11. Chipped off half my tooth and stitched up my lip. Nothing permanent or so I thought except for the scar on my lip. Of course, there was more. Over the next few years my chipped tooth (been built back up so I don't look like a hill-billy) would ache and keep me up at night.

Finally about sophmore year I had a root canal done. Supposed to be painful?? Nah, my tooth had already died. That's right, no nerve to feel pain in it anymore. Sweet! And I got a veneer so my tooth was no longer two colors. Which was quite attractive if I do say so myself.

So imagine my surprise today when I wake up and discover my long-assumed dead tooth is aching. All. Day. Long. 

I keep my mouth shut most of the time because it helps with the pain (the cold air made it sensitive I think?) At first I thought it was just because my retainers had shifted it too much in the night or something so it was just sore. Around 3pm I realize that can't really be it anymore. 

Speed it up to about ten minutes ago to when I was examining my gums in the mirror and touch the part at the top of my gums that hit the cheek part of the mouth and it it super tender and definitely swollen. Oh great, this looks like an abscess. (I've had one before. Aren't my parents super lucky to have me as a kid??)

So I was researching because I couldn't really remember what the symptoms were (Dentist family why can't you live near me?!?!). And I was reading this about if the infection is IN your tooth versus the gums:

If the inside of your tooth is infected, you will need a root canal. Or you will need to have the tooth removed. A root canal tries to save your tooth by taking out the infected pulp. If you don't want a root canal or if you have one done and it doesn't work, the dentist may have to remove your tooth. You and your doctor can decide what is best.
Since I have already had a root canal, I am *pretty* psyched about the whole "may have to remove your tooth" part.


Pray it isn't an abscess and that the stub of my real tooth can stay in place??

Update: Gum above tooth is purple-y with pimple like symptoms of an abscess. Went to dentist this morning and he referred me to the endodontist. Another root canal is a possibility...


  1. Geez!!! ANOTHER root canal??? I hope you don't have to get another one! Feel better soon~~

    And I just read your past posts..That's so exciting!! Congratulations! You HAVE to get those pcitures! It was a big day!!! ;)


  2. eek! so sorry to hear this. Oh teeth, so useful and so pesky!

  3. Yikes! No bueno. I hope you get feeling better soon! I have a toothache at the moment too, but NO root canal for me! Thank heavens!

  4. Eep! I'm so sorry about the tooth! That's so sad!

    New to your blog and can't wait to read more!


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