Friday, February 26, 2010

Home is where the heart is

I thought it would take me longer to call our new house home... but home is where your loved ones are right??

This week has been pretty stressful-- everyone was pretty tense-- with the move and figuring everything out, having workers constantly in and out of the house with the dog going crazy (she already scratched up part of the carpet) and we are all SUPER tired.

Hence, the lack of posts. But no worried I took some pictures of the downstairs area (No camera, so excuse the quality is of a computer-camera level)

My room! Yes... I do have doors to the back yard. The view is much better than looking onto the neighbor's roof wonderful! And much less cave-like than at our old house. 

Our downstairs living area- I'm totally going to be able to have people over more often!

View from downstairs. Guess you can't really tell, but that little grey sliver before the skyline is the lake! 

Other part of the view. So pretty at night with their twinkling lights! Plus we have a greenbelt right below our house so we don't have to look into other people's backyards when we look at the view!

My sister says she doesn't think she can live in a house less nice than this now. I said I couldn't have a house this nice (so much pressure to be careful with stuff! I have such a hard time not splashing water on the wood floor in the kitchen! I need to be able to breathe and live, y'know??)


  1. so beautiful Michelle! your view is amazing. i bet the twinkly lights at night are so neat.

  2. Your new house looks awesome! I didn't even know you were moving, but congrats, and it looks great!

  3. That is so exciting!!! I love your new house!!

  4. WOW cool pad you have there ^_^ so jealous


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