Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mary Kate and Ashley

Dear MK & A,

Thank you for all of your wonderfully cheesy and corny movies to supply me with pre-teen entertainment. I couldn't begin to explain to you how excited I was to discover pretty much all of my favorite movies of yours on netflix instant play.

Because I have seen My Lips are Sealed so many time and Holiday in the Sun, I decided to watch Passport to Paris {that's the movie that made me want to take four years of french after all} and Winning London.

MK & A, I just want to tell you what a influential force you have been in my life. I bonded with friends over your movies and recall the awesome lines found frequently in each and every one of your movies. I think of your movies and apply them to my live pretty much as often as Little House on the Prairie, and anyone that knows me knows that those books made me who I am today.

And though I personally prefer these girls

to these girls,

I think you grew up pretty nice, and anything that you did with your lives would have been okay because of the amazingness you created as children/teens. I hope I can get my children to watch you too!

Plus your dresses are really pretty in that last picture.

I hope all of your Valentine's Day  plans went smashingly! Mine were sans date, but magical none the less because it's all about love, any kind of love right??


  1. Favorite MKAshley movie: Billboard Dad.
    I can watch that over and over and over!! No Joke!

  2. HAHA OMG MK&A's movies... Passport to Paris was my super fave, especially this scene that made my laugh so hard my drink came outta my nose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4T7b5mxniU -- It's so embarrassing but funny!!!

    Did you ever watch their tv show "So Little Time?" Or something along those lines? I use to watch it alllll the time. And I know that it's a movie/tv cliche for the children to have a party in the house when their parents are gone, involving chocolate and sliding across the floor, but somehow they made it look cool. :P

  3. love the olsen twins. they are real fashion icons! love their style!

  4. haha oh man, me and my sis are twins, and we used to want to be these 2. seriously, we had Mary Kate and Ashleys sleepover party on video, and we watched it ALL the time. we always sang "Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A!" we thought we were so cool. haha.

  5. Haha I seriously love their movies. My sister and I especially liked Holiday in the Sun.

    SO much fun to watch.

  6. Okay. Holiday In the Sun is by far the best MK&A movie!!

    And your last thought is so stinkin true. VDay is not just about roses and romantic love; I realized that I have two absolutely wonderful men in my life: my dog and my dad. And I was happy to watch a VDay movie with them that night because I love them so.

  7. Dah! We are twins. When I was younger, all I wanted to be was MK&A and Laura from Little House on the Prairie. I'm pulling out my old VHS collection this weekend, you've convinced me.

  8. oh man, i loved them. they were the best. and i used to think they were the hottest thing ever when i was in jr high. and i was older than them. ha! this is a great post!

  9. yes yes yes! I grew up on Billaboard Dad, and then discovered all the other wonderful shows they had to offer!

    You blog is beautiful by the way. I love it.


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