Friday, August 14, 2009

My Poor Mac

My Macbook Pro that I worked the summer before my senior year at Mervyns for has been sadly mistreated but continues to persevere on.

First offense I made against it was to drape its charger cord across my doorway because I was too lazy to move my furniture around to find a different outlet. This resulted in numerous trippings (thankfully it never yanked my computer off the desk because of the magnet in the computer) that eventually broke the main part of the charger off. I asked for a new charger for my birthday.

Second offense, at school in Seattle there was a shelf above my desk where I kept books and food. Well everything would be stable for hours and then ALL OF THE SUDDEN bam! It would become a domino effect with the books falling over and then as the grand finale the jar of peanut butter would come crashing down as I horror stricken attempted in vain to knock it off its path of destruction. Alas, I failed and it would come barreling down onto my laptop.

I lost three keys on my keyboard from this. You think I would have learned after the first time that the peanut butter was evil.

Third offense, I recently spilled water on my desk but luckily my first instinct was to pick up my computer. Still it got wet and I had to take the
battery out all night to dry as the screen kept going blue when I tried to use it after.

The Brave Little Toaster? More like The Brave Little Mac!

(Remember this movie? Reminds me of my carefree childhood)

Tomorrow I make some amends by taking it to the Mac store to see if I can repair the keyboard.

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