Friday, August 21, 2009

Computer Update

So I finally got my computer back....

At first the cost to replace the keyboard was going to be $150.

The guy was super nice and said he wouldn't charge us for the service since it was an eazy peezy job. That made it$64.

Steal right??

Well they called me the next day to break the bad news to me.

Apple Store: Were you having any problems with the screen? the pixelations?

Me: Nooooo.....

Apple store: Well we discovered a problem with the computer, but since you didn't have any problems we will take care of the charge. It should take about five days because we are sending it to a different facility.

Me: ok, no problem.

Apple store: ......Did you happen to back up your computer before you brought it in?

Me: uhhhh no?

Apple store: Well there is a chance that they hard drive could be completely wiped out, but we will try to back it up here.

Me: *Thinking: Why did I just decide to organize my entire photo library a day before I brought it in??* Ok, well thank you!

Well my sister picked it up for me today....

Verdict: YES! No hard drive wiped out!

the best part? With all the repairs it ought to have been upwards of $350 but they are taking care of everything. Like I don't even have to pay for the new keyboard.

So like the credit card commercials:

Getting a new keyboard: $150
Keyboard minus service charges: $64
Fixing computer: $350
Waiting five days for your computer because they broke it: Priceless

Hmmm.... I guess when they make up those ads it sounds better......

I LOVE apple. That is why everyone should buy mac instead of PC.

Oh and because they are way more awesome anyways.
Tomorrow I am off with the family to see the King Tut exhibit in SanFran.

Hopefully I finish Atlas Shrugged by tomorrow, I have been reading it for like 12 hours a day. Which if it doesn't sound all impressive, take into consideration that I sleep for like 10 hours a night.

Man, every time I read something with a new philosophy or approach to life, I have NO idea what to think or believe. And let me tell you---this is a +1,000 page book of teey-tiny print chock full of a way to approach life.

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