Sunday, August 30, 2009

Touché Mac...

Ok, apparently I spoke too soon.

Macbook Pro has taken revenge for the atrocious peanut butter assaults.

As *if* peanut butter wasn't already dangerous...

Which reminds me of my friend asking me why I was eating peanut butter (back when I was vegan) because "isn't there butter in it?" Oh Sarah, your only ditzy moment will live on forever in my memory..

Today I came home and realized that I left my laptop on all night, plugged in, screen up. I tried to revive it to no avail, and ended up shutting it down by holding the power button down. It's revenge? To be determined *not* to turn back on. Yes, that's right. EVEN though it is completely charged and has no reason to be unresponsive to my attemps to awaken it, it remains shut down.

Tune in next time (wednesday for the follow-up after my genius bar appointment) to find out what happens next!

P.S. It is WAY easier to type these out on macs because it tells me when I mess up easy words, and instead of just trying various combinations, I find myself googling the word.

Oh and I denifitely started school this week.... classes are only so-so

But I feel that I do need to add that I thought I had escaped for the most part, studying the bible at school. Apparently not, as my first class is going over it for literary reasons. I am all for knowing the bible stories, since they are great stories and have been referenced to in TONS of novels, but I think think the four years of theology classes were a little bit of an overkill. Alas my plans are foiled again....

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  1. Too funny about the peanut butter! I'm a vegetarian and am thinking of going vegan, but I'm not sure if I could handle all the changes.


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