Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Surprises


For Me:
Getting a letter in the mail.
Finding a dollar in your jeans.
Waking up only to realize you get to sleep in.
Coming home to dinner already made.
Having the door held open for you.
Canceled class.
A hello from an old friend.
Finding a cute dress for a steal.
Loving a book you didn't think you would like.
Getting a quiet moment while the sun sets/rises.
Netflix in the mail.

For others: 
Baking for a friend.
Sending a text of love or calling a friend.
Smiling really big at a passing stranger.
Letting cars in before you.
Doing the dishes.
Buying flowers.
Cleaning the bathroom.
Leaving out a book/ article for someone that you know would like.
Paying attention to the children/pets in your life.
Getting the newspaper on a cold morning.
Heating up the water for hot chocolate.
Get their favorite candy randomly.

I think the best things about these little surprises are that they are surprises, no expectations or anticipation or waiting. I love when I get surprised by any of those things listed above because you know you were being thought of and that the other person wanted to do something for you without you asking or requesting anything. 
So what did I leave out??


  1. homemade meatballs and home on sundays.

    i love your lists. you are wonderful, michelle.

  2. What a great list Michelle.
    I love the little details that make life better.

    Thanks for the congratulations!


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