Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

Okay I'm not sure if that line will be in the movie, but I am going to go see the midnight premiere of Alice in Wonderland.


I'm not sure why though.... I know it's supposed to be when she is like older and returns or something, but I don't really get how it will be different. And for some reason I keep thinking that I will like Tim Burton movies. So I keep going to see them. And each time I sit there wondering what the heck I am witnessing and count down till it's over. Haven't liked a single one (except maybe nightmare before Christmas, but that may very well be because it was from my childhood) .

So, here's so hoping that this one will change my mind, open my eyes, and convert me to a Tim Burton fan!


  1. so jealous!!! I'm going saturday! but i would soooo go tonight if i didnt have to work early tomorrow!! :(

  2. hahahaha yes. yes and yes and yes. i am with you one hundred and twenty percent.

  3. I haven't seen very many of his... But I think they're kind of trippy.

    How was it?!


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