Friday, March 19, 2010

The internet can be a scary place...

So I really like browsing etsy stuff. Haven't boughten much off of the site, but I ALWAYS see cute stuff on there.

That being said, I am slightly freaked out by other things I have seen on Etsy.

Example A:

Baby Limbs Hooktastic Coat and Key Rack

A "Baby Limbs Hooktastic Coat and Key Rack"

.... for $59.00???  I'm sorry, if I ever walked into someone's house and was going to hang my coat up and saw that, I would RUN.

Example B:

Lovely Vintage Taupe Pleated Dress

Ummmm.... what?!  Please don't model all of your clothes with freaky/ uber creepy animal and clown masks. I will be having nightmares tonight, thanks.

Yes, I did link these.... maybe you like that sort of stuff?  Goshh the scary stuff sneaking around near all the cute stuff is like surfing the googling something innocent and accidentally opening some porn site- unexpected, and you want to get out as quickly as possible and erase that memory men-in-black style.

On a happier note a ordered a Shabby Apple Duck Beach dress! 
Sale? Yes please!

Red or green shirt-collar dress with large sash at the waist.

... At least on Shabby Apple I won't see creepy doll limbs or animal masks lurking about.


  1. Oh wow I'd run too who thinks of that!!

  2. Etsy can be a little spotty. I love that S.A. dress. How can they offer such great dresses at such great prices? Sigh.


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