Saturday, October 2, 2010

Remember that one time I went to France?

Look how appropriate my footwear is! Actually I brought those target sandals and my sandal crocs I know, so fashionable and not at all American, right? because my feet hurt a lot from walking and those are my most comfortable pairs of shoes. Sad, I know. What I discovered when it started raining is that my crocs are completely worn on the bottom, which = no grip. 

Side note: We were totally looking for something else when I decided it looked like something was a couple of blocks over. To our surprise it was the Louvre! So we went with the flow and switched our game plan around.

(In the Tuileries)

I nicknamed this statue Despair. It really spoke to me. And I love it. Haven't we all felt that way sometime? I just love the emotion captured there. 

I really, really love ducks. They were pretty much my favorite part when we visited Paris when I was nine. So I was pretty much obligated to stop and feed them for a few minutes. 

Can you see the hunchback??

Side note: We were attempted to find the aforementioned site- that turned into a Louvre tour- again when we stumbled upon Notre Dame. I don't think we ever made it to the place we were looking for. Mainly because I can't remember what we were looking for.

I really loved seeing how intricate and ornate the floor originally was. 

Aaaand Sacre Coeur.

Unfortunately we took the metro here and unexpectedly walked up a never ending spiral staircase to the street level- seriously, people were stopping to rest- and then took a I-want-to-die ride up the hill cause I sure as heck wasn't going to walk up more stairs, up to a very crowded and touristy area. I'm not a fan of huge sweaty touristy crowds. Not that I was touristy. Or sweaty. 

But I do like that picture. 

PS. Just because I know you are chomping at the bit to see more of my trip, I took a video of under the Eiffel tower, which isn't exciting in itself, but I love the dirty look my mom is giving me at the end.

Under the Eiffel Tower from Michelle Mann on Vimeo.

And of our boat ride on the Seine. Especially because all of our pictures were super blurry. 

Seine boat ride from Michelle Mann on Vimeo.

Aaand the light show on the Eiffel Tower. Because my camera wasn't capturing it well as a picture. And please ignore my ridiculous video skills. And voice. {Does anyone else haaate their voice how other's hear it? It's fine in my head. "

Eiffel Tower light show from Michelle Mann on Vimeo.

I kinda wish I got a video of the nasty nasty HUGE rats scampering to the trash on the side of the park after we watched the light show. Reminded me of Ratatouille?


  1. LOVE your france photos. makes me miss it!

  2. I love these photos! And the video... I want to go so so bad.


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