Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tis the Season

I already caught myself almost listening to Christmas music.  I think the gray clouds and being cozy in the house while it rained brought it on. Cause it's not even Halloween yet.

One of my favorite things I like to watch on TV right now is Renovation Realities. Makes me want to get up and take a sledge hammer to a wall, rip up some carpet, and put tile in. And build a wall. And stairs.

Buuut the other week when I bought an empty frame to make a blackboard and put it in, I got totally overwhelmed.  Ok, not overwhelmed, but I am TERRIBLE at measuring. It was the hardest part for me in my graphics class when I was an engineering major. I am just terrible at it, and over think it.

{I'd show you guys a picture of my new framed blackboard, but we don't have a staple gun so it's not secured in there. But I think it looks pretty cool.}

Ok, so this whole post has basically been off topic (I'm watching Renovation Reality right now, hence the getting off subject-ness)... I bought my parents their Christmas present, but I'm pretty terrible at getting good gifts and I'm pretty sure they won't be psyched. But I felt it was pretty original and could potentially cool. And we have a lot of blank walls.

For my mom, cause she is Japanese... the seller didn't have a Japan only map, so I settled for Central Asia.

And one for my Dad who is from England.

I got the idea from Stacy's guest room tour, and I really liked these because they are older (1842 and 1850) and hand colored in.

I tried to get matching ones because there was one map of Britain that was from the 1700s that I actually liked more, but I wanted them to look similar. Going to get matching frames. I'm still iffy though on whether it was a good idea. I'm not totally sold, but when I get an idea I run with it.

I do think this map is way awesome. It's from March 1917, from a German collection of military maps. Buuut I don't have a spare 200 buckaroos to spend on it.

March 1917. Wall Map or Poster-Sized Map. World War One Historical Military Map of Nesle-Montcornet-Reims-Soissons, France,


  1. I really love maps. The wall art in my home is almost all maps.

  2. I think that is a GREAT idea!! They're totally gonna love it!

  3. I know what you mean, I can't wait to put the Christmas tree up. I'm trying really hard to wait until Halloween is over before putting it up. lol


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