Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stuff you should know--RPattz is bothered

Seen this?

came out pretty soon after Harry Potter HBP came out in July..... *so* awesome.

I am thinking that it has been pretty popular since he has created a couple more videos and has even created the site robertisbothered

Personally, I think he does a great robert p. AND daniel radcliffe.

oh and I have also really been into listening to podcasts all summer. It's good for when I am cleaning or eating on the go since I don't have to fumble with turning the pages of a book or anything. also I learn stuff.

enter Stuff You Should Know. Ohh josh and chuck, good ol' georgians

<------ Chuck

Josh ---->

and my favorite Stuff Mom Never Told You. Listen to the benefits and disadvantages ( I *so* did not have to go to a thesaurus for that word) of polygamy, Barbie's past etc.

and it is always nice to shake stuff up with a history lesson- Stuff You Missed in History Class.

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