Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's like I'm Marie Antoinette or something

Okay, okay. I'm not under any delusions or anything, but I *love* my new shoes. I have worn them everyday since I got them.

The bows and thicker heel remind me of Marie Antoinette. It may have nothing to do with fashion at the time, but that's just how my mind works.

And I think I can walk alright in them, which makes me pretty darn proud. They actually haven't hurt me too bad, except today when I had to stand for an hour in my lab, and then walk out to my car. My feet were crying.

PS. Sorry 'bout the bad quality. Was too lazy to get my actual camera out and used my iphone. But I did go through the trouble of getting this mirror out and putting my lamp on the floor (Daylights saving leaves such little natural light!).

PS.PS. I'm diggin' my new brooch from Dear Golden on Etsy.  Thought it was pretty snazzy, not sure my sister felt the same.

PS.PS.PS. Bonus shot of my JG poster.

Hope everyone's week is going smashingly!


  1. LOVE the shoes and the brooch! I think in real life... We would be best friends.

  2. Michelle, I'm SO glad you got the shoes and that we finally see it on your cute feet!! I absolutely love them. I would totally wear them everyday for the rest of my life if I had them too!

    GREAT brooch. I actually don't have any brooches.. I need to get on that!


  3. I love the shoes, and Marie Antoinette :)
    The brooch is amazing!

  4. Those shoes are awesome! Are they the Jane Aldridge for UO?

  5. Doesn't Etsy just make your life that much better?

    Speaking of... I haven't bought anything for a while.

    I'm due.

  6. I'm lameting my monster feet right now... cute shoes? No. They don't allow me to do that.


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