Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rainbowy Goodness Part 2

After blogging about rainbow cakes, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. That plus procrastination equals: Rainbow Cupcakes!!!

These things are quite fantastically good.

You can pretty much *taste* the rainbow. And it's kind of awesome.

Nothing like breaking fast after church with a cupcake.

The End. 

EDIT: If you want to try this out (please post pictures if you do!) you can go back to my other post and click the link under the photo for more exact directions, but basically you just make the cake batter, separate it evenly and add food dye. For cupcakes you just have to try and pour it in evenly in layers, but for cakes you bake each color separately.

PS. I got some red lipstick. Good or bad move?


  1. I need to know how you did that! you should post steps!

    oh p.s. I like the red lipstick! Red lips dark hair, very mysterious!

  2. Yes! red lipstick! nothing puts me in a good mood like my red lipstick...what kind did you get?

  3. LOVE the red lips on you!!!! You look AWESOME!!! :D And rainbow cupcakes DOES sound kinda good right now.. hehe

  4. Can't wait to try these!!
    And red lipstick is ALWAYS a good move.

  5. definitely a good move.

  6. i love your red lipstick! and your bangs! you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! and i'm very jealous!! and i'm VERY jealous of your rainbow cupcakes. i have a serious craving! and i already have eaten 2 cupcakes today. but that post made me want more!!! ahhh!!! hahaha i love your blog!!!


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