Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Now I'm not a shoe person by any means. I admire a good lookin' pair when I see them, but I think the fact that my feet are "neanderthal" like, aka they are really wide and square, shoe shopping has always been disappointing and frustrating.

That said, I want these:


They currently live at Urban Outfitters.

I want to adopt them.

I can't afford it, but Should I take the plunge??


  1. Those are FANTASTIC!!! I am unfortunately the cheap girl... I only let myself invest in classics that I KNOW I'll wear so a lot of my shoes are boring basics and black. With that said, I say DO it! :) Nobody wants a boring shoe collection like me! :D

  2. I love urban outfitters but they are just so expensive I usually see what they have and then look around to see if I can find something that is similar and cheaper! I usually do!


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