Sunday, November 22, 2009

So long, Oprah.


Dear readers,

I'm sure you've heard the news, and if you haven't I'm sad to report that next season will be the last for Oprah.

Maybe not all of you watch her, but we all certainly know who she is. I grew up watching this lady (Don't ask me why I was watching Oprah in elementary school, I got nothing.)  and can't imagine what daytime TV will be like without her there.

(luckily she teamed up with Discovery Networks to create OWN, stands for Oprah Winfrey Network. Interesting acronym, no?)

taylor-lautner-new-moon-shirtless.jpg OMG SO SEXY!!! image by mlov3snOn a brighter note, what did you guys all think of New Moon??

I thought it was pretty awesome, K. Stew wasn't as twitchy and Robert looked pretty good. I found it kind of weird that the majority of people in the theatre I went to were middle-aged couples. Wayy more men than I imagined went.

Did anyone else get super dizzy when when we were watching Bella on the forest floor? It felt like the entire theatre was spinning. And Taylor Lautner is just so darn cute.

Poor kid is so objectified. I'm *pretty* sure on every interview he does they talk about his abs. With good reason of course.


  1. I was so so so upset when I found out Oprah was done too.

    One of my dreams was to be on the Oprah show,
    ...I have not seen new moon yet. bad twilight fan I know, I know.

  2. Too bad he's 17 or I'd be drooling all over him!! I haven't seen it yet but I made my husband watch Twilight this weekend so we can see New Moon this upcoming weekend! :D

  3. Yeh, I keep telling my kids it is much easier for then to get abs like that at 16 then it is for me at 45. I have to fight through the layer of fat. Thank god for lypo. Oprah will always be on the TV somewhere I am sure.

  4. "Don't ask me why I was watching Oprah in elementary school, I got nothing." haha. SO VERY TRUE. I did the same and I have to admit, I was so sad when I heard her show was coming to an end!!

    and ps. Taylor Latuner is by far one of the most attractive young men I Have EVER SEEN in my entire existence. SO cute.


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