Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At Night,

when I am all alone, sometimes, I will put some heels on while I get ready for bed.

{Gosh, sometimes how cool I am blows my mind ;) }

Adds a touch of glamour to my baggy sweats I guess.

It's nice to feel pretty isn't it? And usually I feel so gross when I am in my pjs. I should probably not own stuff that makes me feel gross when I wear it huh? Especially when I am wearing it 8 hours a day.

Maybe I should actually get one of these like I was swooning over.

Then again, it would probably be too cutesy.

*Actually* I can't afford it.

*Actually* I went shopping this weekend. I don't know how you could not want to rush off to the mall and attempt to emulate one of Emily's outfits from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I mean really. The girl is gorgeous. With gorgeous clothes.

And bought these pretties: 

I think they shall go nicely with some lovely summer dresses, no? 

{And less than $30 to boot! Just went on sale, and they had to ship them to my house, but no shipping fee and they took off the taxes! woohoo!!}


  1. hahaha this made me laugh! You put on heels on while getting ready for bed? Love it.

  2. It's okay to dress up before bedtime...when else are you in the middle of changing and not rushing out the door? It makes perfect sense.


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