Monday, April 5, 2010

Ootah, I miss you already.

So Ootah (or Utah, if you prefer) , was amazing!

It was well worth the 16+ drive when it should have only taken ten.
The lack of sleep
The delay on the way back when the border into CA was closed for weather friend's parents paid for the hotel.

Because I got to wake up to this view. Every time I saw the mountains my heart melted just a little bit more. 

Excuse the screen.

Because I still got to see this

Even though we were late and almost didn't make it in on time.

And I finally got to see this beautious place.

Courtesy of my iphone.

Ootah, I fell in love with you this weekend and I'd really really like to come back soon.

Plus, even though we stayed in Provo, I didn't get to check out BYU. And I'm totally applying for the Winter 2011 term. So I like have to go back soon right??

Hope your Easter weekend was wonderful and full of love!!


  1. Wasn't conference wonderful? I learned so much. I'm so happy you got to experience all of that this weekend.

    And BYU NEXT WINTER! I'm so excited for you! It really is a wonderful place. If you come to visit, I'll have to show you my favorite spots on campus.

  2. whatever your pictures are fantastic!! so glad you got to come to good old utah :)

  3. Winter 2011?! So exciting! I think you'll really like BYU. I personally think the campus and atmosphere is great, and P-Town isn't half bad either!

    I personally think its time I make a trip out to CA, though. The mountains are great, but the snow makes me crave the ocean!

  4. I'm glad you loved it!! I would say we should have lunch or something next time you come, but I'm moving in a few weeks to Virginia. Super sads. I'm sure you'll love BYU! Good luck!

  5. Yay!!! Conference is always different when you go there in person. Especially when the General Authorities walk in. NOBODY can deny that they're men of God after that.

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!


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