Friday, April 23, 2010

Epic News

Since I stalk Josh Groban's twitter, I knew he was planning on being in a movie soon, but had no hints of what it was about or who else would be in it.

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Then he linked to this page and my jaw dropped.
okay, 1. It has Ryan Gosling in it.

The man is amazing and is usually in freakin' amazing movies.

2. Steve Carrell

The man is hilarious. LOVE the Office.


I mean whaa??

So #3 may not mean much to the rest of you, besides maybe if you saw her on America's Next Top Model that one season, but she went to my high school!!! I mean I thought it was cool that she got onto that TV show and stuff, but I mean she will probably get to meet Josh Groban!!! *dies*

Whenever this thing comes out I will def pay ten bucks to see it in theaters.

PS. Just Saw How to Train Your Dragon. LOVE it. Hilarious and heartwarming and still action-y and tense. haha I get quite into movies when I like the characters. aka. toothless

Remind anyone else of this guy?

aka Totoro aka The movie that made my childhood.


  1. That is so cool you know Analeigh Tipton! Haha what a neat claim to fame. And -- whatever movie this will be, sounds already amazing! Did you see Date Night by chance? I thought Steve Carrell was AWESOME in it. And I want to marry someone just like him, too :) haha

  2. Seriously?? NOw I'm super curious as to find out what it is!! And I love both those movies :D so cute!

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