Monday, April 19, 2010

I actually "dress" up more because

On a typical day I will be wearing a dress, a skirt, or long shirt and leggings. Not just because I like the look of skirts and dresses better, because sometimes it's just easier to wear jeans, but because, darn it, it is just more comfortable.

I don't have to worry when I bend over that my pants are going a little too low if you know what I mean, and since I don't wear short skirts and dresses I don't have to worry about the other side peeking out when I bend over.....

sooooo not cute.

One Elder in my ward always teases me when I see him for "dressing up". While *I* wouldn't call my style especially fancy or anything, I certainly hardly wear jeans and shorts.

The only pluses I can think about for jeans is that you don't have to worry about closing your legs when you are lounging at home, and it keeps the thighs from rubbing together. I mean, practically everyone's rub together at least a little right??

And let's face it, that is what spanx is for.

Aaaand on a cuter note, lookee what I wore on Sunday!!

Yes, I spent wayy too much on that dress. Yes, it was in response to a heart break. No, it wasn't a boy, two of my very good friends went away to school till august.

Till August Cecil twins!!!


  1. love the dress!! so worth the money spent! you are gorgeous girl! i am trying to wear skirts more often but i am just not that good at it!

  2. oh i so agree! dresses are just easier and faster to put on!

    your dress is fabulous too!!

  3. Very cute. I'm with you on dresses. Is there anything better for summer? I can't think of anything!

  4. That dress is so cute!!! So, so cute!! Retail therapy is GREAT for any occasion - but especially for (any kind) of heart break. I just barely had this conversation with my friend this past weekend - we had to wear jeans because we were going hiking and i think the whole time we complained and vowed that next time we'd be doing it in a skirt with bicycle shorts underneath - haha. Comfortable is always best!


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