Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My parents got back from a 2 week vacation in China last friday. And yes, the did ditch me and my sister for Thanksgiving-luckily my Aunt took pity on us and had us over for dinner.

So they got me this from China:

The scarf is very asian, no?

I like it, but it looks in no way like a typical souvenir from China.

Luckily, they saved themselves and got me something that actually *looked* like it was from China:

A box? What could it be??


(excuse my bad acting skills)

Complete with panda detailing!

Now I need to go work on my chopstick skills-- my asian side cringes every time I need to use them. 


  1. I love going to China. My company is based there. I always come back loaded with gifts, fake purses really pearls, silver jewelry. I need to get back again.

  2. Great gifts! The scarf does look Asian... like an Asian peasant!! ;) It's cool though. You could totally work that into your outfits. And chopsticks? NICE. You could probably own me in them in just a few days..haha ;)

  3. cute! the chopsticks are adorable!
    whatch gonna do with them...? wear them in your hair!? I know that what I'd do.

  4. I love it when my parents bring home souvenirs! And I need help with chopsticks too... It is so embarrassing.


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