Friday, December 18, 2009

Warning: This is an unpleasant topic.

Remember when I posted about how fantastic my relationship with machinery and all things technical is? Well, I think we can safely extend the same status to bathroom sinks.

Last night I started to attempt unclogging my sink. My Dad refused to help me so that I "learned to be self-sufficient and independent" or something crazy like that.

So I researched and strategized for a bit on what to do Thank you Youtube I decided plunging would be my best bet. After plunging, plunging, plunging for about half an hour nothing was really coming up and my hands felt permanently curled around the plunger and my shoulders were burning. And also the plunger was sending fountains of water all over my bathroom and me, which *always* makes this more pleasant.

So I looked up a different method and managed to get the sink stopper out after grabbing a wrench in the creepy-web-infested garage. Did I mention this was at like midnight? Not a good time to be walking around in practically the dark.

So after getting the stopper out I bend a wire hanger to try at break up the clog or whatever, and lo and behold, the hanger gets stuck. *Just my luck.* At this point I am so frustrated that there *may* have been a few tears.

If I was a quitter, this morning my Dad would have seen a very, very messy sink with a wire poking out of it. However, I managed to get the bottom part of the sink out (yes, I practically disassembled the whole thing) 

After about 3 hours of struggling and failing miserably.... In the end I won, so take that sink!


  1. thats right you show that sink who's boss!!

  2. You know, it's well worth it to find a plumber that you can call when things get out of hand. I absolutely love mine. For a few dollars it is always worth it to hire a professional.

  3. Wow, What an ordeal!
    Impressive, haha.

  4. Wow I never thought reading about a sink could be so entertaining!!! Well done for beating that sink


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